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SUIT is online! The luxury boutique in Lecce, that you love on Instagram through its story, its baroque soul and its recognizable elegance ... today we are proud to give you an easy and intuitive shopping experience, thanks to its new shop online:


The origins of the Suit store

SUIT was born in 1995 but originated from a long Italian artisan history; in 25 years fashion has evolved following a route that started from its territorial origins.

Until today, SUIT  used to welcome  its customers in two luxury men's and women's clothing stores near the central Piazza Mazzini in LECCE and in a third store in the suggestive Gallipoli, near Piazza Fontana Greca.

The brand selected for our demanding customers are many and prestigious: Gucci, Balmain, Balenciaga, Givenchy, Yves Saint Laurent, Burberry are just some of them we work with, to show an  extra-luxury selection of clothing and accessories.

Our vision and mission highlight keywords as "research" and "selection"; our site aims to best represent our love for fashion and the meticulous research for the perfect style, to satisfy even the most demanding customers.


The Brands you can find on

Get lost among our street proposals: Off-white, Balenciaga and many others. Choose the unmistakable style of Gucci. Explore the seasonal must-have, look for rare products and be amazed, for it is so easy to buy all that garments and accessories you want so much, but are already sold-out in stores.

The shop online is a style container that pays careful attention to international fashion proposals and everything representing a costume evolution. Our mission is to guarantee a choice of sophisticated and unique products.

An online high fashion shop that is not just a shop! You can read about us, listen to the very news on the most important brands, thanks to our magazine and our newsletter. Follow us and subscribe, and do not miss any shopping opportunity and fashion news.

Welcome to the SUIT world, our staff is proud to surprise you with the perfect outfit for your life style.